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Ranks Valorant

Valorant ranking system

The use of a unique ranking system with a built-in artificial intelligence algorithm became known back in 2020, during beta tests of servers and Valorant skins. Then this technique was used for more accurate selection of rivals – for example, if a player immediately started to play well, he could automatically get on the field to higher-level opponents and vice versa.

How to change your rating?

As mentioned earlier, the system has undergone many changes. They touched upon the introductory conditions for the players. If earlier it was enough to successfully conduct 20 battles, today it will not be enough.

The conditions have become tougher, mainly due to cheaters and riots that prevented other players from enjoying the game.

Today (episode 5) in order to start the game with a rating, you need to upgrade your account to level 20 and above. It is extremely easy to do this – daily (and not only) tasks come to the rescue, and then access to calibration fights opens.

What do ranks affect?

Speaking from the point of view of the players – for nothing. The first calibration matches will not only be able to establish a preliminary assessment of the rating in points (ranks), but will also help in the selection of opponents with approximately the same skills. Otherwise, heroes, map and weapons will not change.

Calibration matches – these are the first five bouts played in ranked mode. It is worth noting in advance that the number of kills made by players goes into the main accounting of the rank. However, this does not mean that you should forget – the amount of damage, as well as deaths, also goes into statistics.

The preliminary rank is determined within the framework from iron to gold. Thus, getting high determinants from the start (especially "immortal") will not work in any way.

Valorant ranks
Here is the list of available ranks in the game:
  • Iron
  • Bronze
  • Silver
  • Gold
  • Platinum
  • Diamond
  • Heyday
  • Immortal
  • Radiant

The ranking system in Valorant is very diverse: if you count the total number of stages that you need to go through to the highest one (“Valorant”, “Radiant”), you get as many as 25 steps (if you do not take into account “No rank”). We can say that Valorant ranks – this is a whole art of AI that is hidden from the player, but inside the matches it feels great.

Nine major titles, each of which (except the very last one) has three stages – seems like a good way to show off your stats improvement skills. Valorant accounts with high ranks are more valued both in the game and on the trading floors.

Can I rank up on my own?

Thus, the conquest of the Valorant ranking system will begin with five calibration matches. It is worth giving your best to them, however, the better the indicators are, the stronger the opponents will meet in the future.

If we turn to the title distribution schedule, we get such a picture that most of the players cannot overcome the Bronze bar; or even "Silver". Before the Radiant units reach – they can be called real esportsmen. Perhaps the situation will change over time.

Competitive rating valorant

It is worth noting that friends can only help in conquering the peaks if the difference in total ranks does not exceed 2 (that is, the difference is only 6 steps between the players). It will be possible to create a complete command – artificial intelligence will be engaged in the selection of ideal opponents so that the game goes quite actively and efficiently.

If inactive for more than two weeks, the player's rank will be hidden. This means that he may not have lost his skills, but he needs to play at least one ranked match to return to the regular Valorant gamers. However, no reduction in rank or stages will be made without his knowledge.

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